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December, 2008

The New Year's Eve-Eve Party

So a few weeks ago I was having a drink with Matt, Seth, Mike and Eric and I mentioned an idea I'd had wanted to do for the last few years: To have a party the evening before New Years Eve. The idea is pretty simple, I hate NYE and wanted an excuse not to go out. I figured a party the night before (and the hangover that would like result from it) would be just that excuse. So, after about 48 hours of emails we got it all organized and it's going to be awesome. So come on down (and bring your friends). New Years Eve-Eve Party (on Facebook) Where: Gallery Bar, 120 Orchard Street, New York, NY When: Tuesday, December 30th, 10pm - 3am Come party with us on the night after the second to last day before the evening of the last day of the year.
December 10, 2008
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