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I Heard About That

Over the last few months Benjamin and I have been having funny conversations comparing the different levels of exposure/knowledge in the age of blogs. To aid in the process we’ve come up with this handy glossary:

I READ THAT: I actually read that.
I READ ABOUT THAT: I read a blog synopsis, article about a subject, or article about an article.
I KNOW ABOUT THAT: I have read several different opinions/reviews/synopsis to the point where I not only know the basic content of the original article but also the cultural impact it has made, yet I have not read the original piece.
I HEARD ABOUT THAT: I saw a bunch of headlines about that thing, leading me to believe it was important, but read nothing in depth.
I’VE BEEN REALLY INTO THAT: I read the original, and then have followed up on various other people’s opinions and reviews and synopsis
I’VE BEEN DISCUSSING THAT: I read about it, then posted something and am now commenting, discussing, etc.

Anything to add?

January 18, 2009


  • Ryan Catbird says:


  • Ian says:

    Someone Told Me: At the water cooler, Bob from accounting told me about something he “heard about”

  • Mayo says:

    “TWO SECS, BRB…” // I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if you give me 30 seconds to google and scan the latest blog coverage, I can pretend that “I KNOW ABOUT THAT” or even “I’VE BEEN REALLY INTO THAT” (see above).

  • blaiq says:

    I’VE BEEN MEANING TO READ THAT: I’ve bookmarked it on Delicous in order to return to it later but haven’t managed to do so.

  • Noah Brier says:

    @Blaiq: Yes! Or I have it open in one of the tabs in my browser. That’s a great one.

  • Noah Brier says:

    Just remembered where I originally read about this: Piers writing about hearing about Chartreuse’s Paris Hilton piece.

  • Olle says:

    I smell that too – when you, too, feel that something fishy is going on but have yet to dig into it (a.k.a. Google it).

  • Adam Crowe says:

    I’M FEELING THAT: I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about but I’m feelin’ you on a spiritual level, y’know?

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