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I Heard About That

Over the last few months Benjamin and I have been having funny conversations comparing the different levels of exposure/knowledge in the age of blogs. To aid in the process we’ve come up with this handy glossary:

I READ THAT: I actually read that.
I READ ABOUT THAT: I read a blog synopsis, article about a subject, or article about an article.
I KNOW ABOUT THAT: I have read several different opinions/reviews/synopsis to the point where I not only know the basic content of the original article but also the cultural impact it has made, yet I have not read the original piece.
I HEARD ABOUT THAT: I saw a bunch of headlines about that thing, leading me to believe it was important, but read nothing in depth.
I’VE BEEN REALLY INTO THAT: I read the original, and then have followed up on various other people’s opinions and reviews and synopsis
I’VE BEEN DISCUSSING THAT: I read about it, then posted something and am now commenting, discussing, etc.

Anything to add?

January 18, 2009