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January, 2009

The Secret Order of Twitter Icons

I've always kind of wondered what the method of organizing is for the following icons on your Twitter page. The photos are clearly not in alphabetical order and they're also not in organized by when you started following the person (as opposed to when you hit view all). Anyway, as I was looking at it tonight, I started to realize the order pretty closely reflected the MyFirstTweet oldest tweets list (which is worth checking out, I'm still the second oldest user on the list whose first tweet was not "just setting up my twttr"). So, after a little more digging, it looks like that's the case: The icons are ordered by when the person joined Twitter. None of this matters, really, I just thought it was interesting. Of course, not two hours after I cracked the code I ran across Matt's post from last week with the same discovery.
January 18, 2009
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