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February, 2009

Following as RSS

In November of 2007 I wrote this: "I've started playing with Tumblr. No idea if I'll maintain it, but I've put up a site at heyitsnoah.tumblr.com. To be honest, it could end up being a lot like these random link posts . . ." Well, I'm at it again. This time in large part because of two things I read (a post post from Rick talking about reading Tumblrs via RSS and a post from Scott on following as RSS). What I realized, which I suspect most of those using Tumblr have recognized for sometime is that there's a bunch of people who are using their Dashboard in the exact same way many of us use our feedreaders (not that folks don't have both). Since I don't care at all where people read what I have to say (I don't sell ads after all), I decided it was worth resurrecting my Tumblr at least to pull the feed from this site. Though, like everyone else, I imagine I'll end up using it for all the other stuff that doesn't make the cut here. (While we're on the topic, I've also decided to start a Twitter feed for NoahBrier.com. Even though I generally think those feeds with just links are useless, if that's how people want to read their stuff who am I to not at least offer up my content?)
February 23, 2009
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