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February, 2009

My First Tweet Weighs a Ton

The original intent of My First Tweet was to collect people's first words on Twitter and then mine the data for interesting patterns. I achieved the first part, collecting over 10,000 tweets in the proecess, but I hadn't gotten real far on the mining piece. That is until now. Thanks to my buddy/coworker Doug (creator of Rappers on Twitter and all around internet ninja) here's a breakdown of the things people say in their first tweets. It uses a thing called the Porter Stemming Algorithm which "process reduces words to a common roots, allowing us to identify similar words like 'fishing', 'fished', 'fish', and 'fisher'." Check it out over at My Twitter Weighs a Ton (of course you can also still find your first tweet at My First Tweet or analyze your own latest word breakdown at My Twitter Weighs a Ton).
February 25, 2009
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