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March, 2009

Learn to listen?

I wrote an article about social media that's up on the Boards site now. I tried to add a little fresh flavor to the topic: "We're left with this funny in-between space where individuals are able to communicate with large groups but keep the intimacy of an interpersonal exchange. For lack of a better name, I've been thinking of this type of communication as interpersonal communication with scale. Blogs are a perfect example: individuals can talk to groups of hundreds, even thousands, with many in the audience feeling as though they've had a personal exchange. I've been told many times by friends that they feel as though we talk all the time because they follow my blog, to which I usually respond, 'But I'm the only one doing the talking.'" Also, I started the article with this, "If you don't feel like reading this article here are the talking points." Which made me laugh, but also it was kind of my way to hack a printed article. (As a side note, I've been noticing that when I write I use a lot more parentheses than ever before, especially in print. I kind of think this is in place of hyperlinks.) Oh, and I will start writing here again instead of just posting links to things I've written elsewhere. I promise.
March 12, 2009
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