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March, 2009

The NYU Occupation

A little over a week ago a bunch of NYU students took over a room in the student center and let the school know its list of 13 demands. My buddy Dave has a great two part multi-part roundup (one, two, three, four) of the ridiculous festivities. (For an idea of just how dumb the whole thing was, check out this video of the school "breaking in" to their room.) Anyway, part two of Dave's series is classic as he goes through the 13 demands. Here are some highlights: "Full amnesty for all participants" (Dave says, "Including this in your manifesto at all undermines your bargaining position by making you look weak much less leading with it which indicates you are only doing this till it stops being fun or you get distracted by news of a Yeah Yeah Yeahs reunion.") and "The establishment of a student elected Socially Responsible Finance Committee that will have full power to override all financial decisions of the school the Committee deems socially irresponsible, including investment decisions." (Dave says, "What kind of coddled, out of touch idealist morons came up with that one? You are gonna ask the country's largest private universities, the second or third largest landowner in New York City, a multi-billion dollar entity to give a group of elected students (as proved by TBNYU, silly immature and woefully naïve) in a notoriously apathetic and uninvolved student body veto power over the schools investment decisions????") All in all a very good read. Update (3/2/09): Part 3 is up. It's long, but worth it. Update (3/3/09): The story comes to a stirring conclusion.
March 2, 2009
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