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April, 2009

Eliss (and Other iPhone Apps Worth Checking Out)

Time for another round of Noah's favorite iPhone apps of the week. First off, Eliss is amazing, it's a really odd game that involves keeping planet type things from colliding (it's much more fun than it sounds, I swear). Next up is Edge which kind of reminds me of Marble Madness with a cube instead of a sphere. Of course, there's foursquare, which has been officially out for a few weeks now and let's you keep track of where your friends are at. In the non-app world, it's totally worth adding the Newswer mobile site icon to one of your home screens. It's the best news site/app I've found yet. They boil stories down to about two paragraphs and you're always guaranteed to find something interesting, even if you only have about twenty seconds while you're waiting for someone.
April 6, 2009
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