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April, 2009

Mayor Kevin Johnson?

This morning I found out that Kevin Johnson of Phoenix Suns fame is mayor of Sacremento, California (I was reading the Times). He was part of a pretty awesome 93 Suns team that included Dan Majerle, Charles Barkley, Danny Ainge and Tom Chambers. I started trying to figure out what they were all up to (NBA.com actually caught up with them all in 2003, on their ten year anniversary). Danny Ainge has obviously been super successful as the Executive Director of Basketball Operations and General Manager of the Boston Celtics (he put together the team that won the championship last season). Charles Barkley is still talking lots for TNT. Dan Majerle is an assistant coach for the Suns and I couldn't find more information on Tom Chambers (I didn't look that hard), but it did make me go back and look at his sweet dunk against the Knicks (which also made me go back and watch the Vince Carter olympics dunk ... which still leaves me in awe).
April 8, 2009
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