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May, 2009


Okay, I promise to make this as short and painless as possible but I'm pretty excited. I am number 59 on the Fast Company 100 Most Creative People in Business. I couldn't be happier with the opening sentence of my short profile: "If a programmer saw my code, they'd probably vomit," because it's true. Oh, and one more thing, they put a bunch of widgets on my listing page with stuff from all around the web including a LinkedIn one that lists "CEN at NoahBrier.com" as a current job. This morning Benjamin was the first person to ever ask me what CEN was and now I feel like sharing it: Chief Executive Noah. It's really just a bad joke that took about two years for anyone to ask about ... (Oh, and the photo on the page was taken by the talented and beautiful Leila Fernandes.)
May 18, 2009
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