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[Disclaimer: I realize this is probably not funny to anyone but me. But it makes me laugh every time I think about it so I’m making you all listen.]

Yesterday I had this ridiculous idea that I should start an online shoe store or something (like a competitor to Zappos) and instead of offering free shipping, I offer free shrimping (like I have a shrimp boat and when you buy a product you can come shrimping one morning).

[Okay, you can now carry on with whatever you were doing.]

Update (5/31/09): Apprently there’s some unsavory definition for shrimping (which I will not be Googling). I was not aware of this when writing this post and was using the Forrest Gump definition where you own a shrimp boat and go out and catch shrimp. Okay, glad that we’ve got that cleared up.

May 30, 2009