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May, 2009

Good (Branded) Ideas

Good internet ideas from brands make me very happy (since it's a sadly rare occurrence). With that said, here are two recent ideas I've run across over the last few weeks:
  • Warp20: Super simple idea from Warp Records. To celebrate their 20th anniversary they are letting fans vote on the top 10 Warp tracks to be compiled into a special album that will be printed complete with liner notes full of messages and memories. Getting people invested in the product you make before you make it is a strategy that has served Threadless well. (Via Iain)
  • Dell Swarm: Again, a simple but elegant idea, this time from Dell. Basically it allows you to create a swarm around a specific product, allowing you to buy it at a bulk discount. Pretty simple, Dell gets you to promote their products for them and in exchange you get the thing you want for less money. It's a win-win. (Via Zeus Jones)
Other good recent examples?
May 19, 2009
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