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May, 2009

Naming Your Baby Something Unique

MarketingCharts (which I must admit has become one of my favorite sites) points to a study about the increasing uniqueness of baby names:
Researchers found that in 1955, nearly one-third (32%) of boys received one of the ten most popular names, but by 2007, less than 10% got a common name.

For girls, the percentage receiving common names is even lower. In 1955, about one in four (22%) girls received one of the ten most popular names. By 2007 it had dropped to only 8%.
The article (and study apparently) go on to make some assumptions about what effect this shift may have (including increased narcissism). While I'm not sure I agree with those, it's fun to think about why this shift has happened and what effect it may have.
May 29, 2009
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