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June, 2009

My Dog Corrupted My Files

What's the 21st Century equivelent to the dog ate my homework? A corrupted file emailed to a professor. Corrupted-files.com sells students files of different lengths that are pre-corrupted, letting them buy a few extra days to finish their assignment. The site's owner answered questions on it's ethics, "I am simply offering a better excuse. It's not cheating in the traditional sense as the student is still doing their own work and not using a roommates' old paper or being foolish enough to purchase one online. If the student is desperate, it is fair to assume he/she has considered these paths. In such a situation, would you rather have a student make up an excuse and hand in their own work a bit late or submit someone else's work on time?" Personally I just find it fascinating to watch how this type of behavior (lazyness, cheating, pirating) actually drives culture.
June 6, 2009
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