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July, 2009

Tracking Happiness

An interesting link from Enjoymentland, Track Your Happiness is part of a doctoral project out of Daniel Gilbert's lab. Essentially you give the site a bunch of demographic data and then you recieve a few iPhone formatted surveys everyday asking you how you're feeling about life, etc. I'm super curious how this will work out as it's the sort of thing I've had on my mind lately. As part of GE Adventure I've had a lot of conversations about how bad a game health is currently and while this isn't quite a game, it does encourage you to track your healthiness/happiness and then provides shows you your answers in the form of charts and graphs (check out some screenshots). Will let you know how things progress, just took my first survey. (There are definitely some potential privacy issues with this thing ... but hey, what are you going to do?)
July 25, 2009
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