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August, 2009

Either Everyone Gets a Fair Shot or No One Plays

Paul Krugman made a point about the media today that has long bugged me. A TV show he was supposed to be on (he doesn't mention which) was canceled when they couldn't find someone to argue the other side. As Krugman puts it, "In a way this goes beyond my original point ["if liberals said the Earth was round, while conservatives said it was flat, the news headlines would read 'Shape of the planet: both sides have a point.'"], which was the unwillingness of the news media to referee a controversy by actually reporting the facts. Now it seems that a fact isn't worth reporting unless someone is prepared to deny it." It's popular to beat on Generation Y for being spoiled by a childhood of trophies for showing up, but I'd argue that the media is as much to blame for the problem as anyone. After all, no one makes more of a point of ensuring that both sides get an equal voice regardless of whether one side is completely insane or not. (For the record, I am not referring to democrat/republican conversation, I get that both sides should get equal voice. I'm talking about issues where there is no other side until the media digs one up and gives it airtime.)
August 5, 2009
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