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Me, Talking

Okay, I’ll make this as quick and painless as possible. On the off chance you don’t get enough of me from reading this site, I’m going to be speaking at a few things in the near(ish) future. Actually, I’m only definitely speaking here: The Brandhackers meetup on Monday, September 14th. I’m going to be talking about Brand Tags. It’s in NYC and costs $10. If I suck I will buy you a beer. If I really suck, I will buy you two beers.* As for the other two (this is the painful part), I need some help. They’re SXSW Interactive panels and I’m sure you’ve voted for one or two so far. Anyway, should you feel like voting for two more I’ve got one called Brands Don’t Think Like You Think They Think with Benjamin Palmer and Future Pioneers: Innovators in Digital, which I’m wholly undeserving of, but will be fun. So yeah, that’s the end of this message from our sponsors. Carry on.

* I can not be held responsible for buying the whole bar beers if I’m really terrible. I’ll do my best.

August 31, 2009