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December, 2009

Food is Too Easy

Exploring the impact of easy food preparation on American obesity.
Consumerology has some interesting thoughts on what the real causes of American obesity may be. Especially interesting to me was this point about the ease of preparing meals:
As the cost associated with food preparation drops, the number of meals (i.e., snacks) increases and the type of meal shifts.  (I wrote about this earlier this year.)  Microwave ovens make it easier to eat popcorn (or worse), so we do.  Frozen tater tots are a snap as a side dish with that meat loaf but not worth the effort if you have to make them from scratch.  If you think this is hooey, consider this: nature's ready-made snacks are fruits and veggies.  Better food preparation technologies have made it just as easy to open a bag of chips as to peel a banana.
December 26, 2009
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