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December, 2009

Palin's Media Manipulation

An analysis of Sarah Palin's media manipulation tactics.
A very interesting Palin insight by way of The Washington Independent (by way of Ezra Klein). Anyway, the author, David Weigel, argues that Sarah Palin has created an amazing situation for herself, one in which the media reports her press releases as if they're fact:
I think what Palin's doing here is incredibly savvy. She knows that anything that goes out under her name will be accepted as fact by conservatives -- "Going Rogue" was a 400-page exercise in score-settling that identified, for Palin fans, everyone who ever did her wrong. And she knows that liberals despise her and will pick apart everything that goes out under her name. It was liberals, after all, who obsessed over the "death panel" claim, because for whatever reason they thought it was vitally important to prove that Palin was misleading people about what was in the health care bill.
It's hard not to be amazed by what Palin has achieved (and the way she's been able to manipulate the media to achieve that). Both Weigel and Klein make interesting cases for how she's managed to achieve this.
December 26, 2009
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