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Top 10 of 09

Inspired by Alan Wolk (who was inspired by BBH Labs), here are my top ten posts of the year (at least by number of pageviews):

  1. Why Did Tropicana Redesign?: Yet another voice in the debate on Tropicana’s redesign (which was pulled off the shelf after the post). I argued the other side … That maybe it wasn’t so bad (minus the usability issue). I still stand by my generic point, but clearly the usability issues won out.
  2. Steve Eisman and Betting on Collapse: To be honest most of these top posts were because of Google (and who says that all traffic comes from Twitter?). The post is mostly a giant link to Michael Lewis’s portfolio piece from last year.
  3. T-Mobile Class Action Lawsuit: I think the title pretty much explains it.
  4. Abandoned Detroit: Pictures of Detroit’s decline.
  5. A Rant on Branding: With all the Pepsi/Tropicana excitement I needed to get out a full-on rant about why rebranding isn’t really that important (and why it’s really about a giant media buy).
  6. Rating Systems and Personal Rules: This post can be summed up in just a few words: Everyone has a different definition of five stars.
  7. Ekin: Nike Brand Evangelists: Ekin is Nike backwards and apparently it’s also the name the company gives its “official storytellers.”
  8. Diverselessness: Is the web actually a diverse place? Discuss.
  9. Neuroscience and the Creativity of Connections: A link and a few quotes from my favorite article of 2009 on neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran.
  10. Apple’s Television Advertising Barrage: My answer to all the folks who hold up Apple as an example of product as marketing. (Basically, they spend a shitload on television advertising.)

Great. Will try and do a better year-end wrap-up with top links of the year in the next two days.

December 30, 2009