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December, 2009

Where Are They Now: Treasury Edition

An update on Neel Kashkari, former head of TARP, who is now trying to detoxify himself from the DC experience.
I just recently finished Too Big to Fail, which I can't recommend highly enough. (Don't worry, it's not a dense read, much more a story/character study.) Anyway, since finishing I've been pretty curious what all the folks in the book are up to these days. Some of them, like the bank heads who kept their jobs, are easy to track down but then there are guys like Neel Kashkari, who was in charge of TARP that have since left treasury. Anyway, turns out The Washington Post did a nice profile of Kashkari who has moved to California and is literally trying to detoxify himself from the DC experience by building sheds and walking dogs (he got pretty ravaged by both the late nights and congress). Well worth the read if you're into this sort of stuff.
December 14, 2009
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