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January, 2010

The Google Reader Next Button

I've been using Google Reader for a very long time (probably since it was released ... before that I used Bloglines). Anyway, somehow I just discovered a new feature that's been there since 2007: The next button. As Google explains in the original post announcing the feature, "The 'Next' bookmarklet allows you to use Google Reader through just one link -- clicking on it takes your browser to the next unread item in your reading list (marking it as read in the process). I like to use it to go through my photoblog folder. It's also useful for subscriptions that only include snippets, or when I want to read an article in context." If you'd like to grab yours, just go to "settings" and then "goodies" in Reader. It's the best of both worlds: RSS in context!
January 5, 2010
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