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Gender, Salaries and Bachelor’s Degrees

File this under: Data that seems like it might come in handy at some point.

Sociological Images (one of my favorite blogs) has a list of male and female starting salaries broken down by undergraduate major. Women lead the way in 25 majors of the 68 (37%) majors listed: Agricultural science, management information systems, marketing, advertising (by $7,100), computer programming, computer science, computer systems analysis, physical education, aerospace/aeronautical engineering, bioengineering & biomedical, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, industrial technology, industrial engineering, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, mining & mineral engineering, nuclear engineering, petroleum engineering, systems engineering, nursing, clothing/apparel/textile studies and history.

For what it’s wroth the highest differential between male and female starting salaries is in the “other humanities” major, where men make $19,600 more than women.

February 24, 2010