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More, More, More

We’ve all read about “the fear” or talked to someone who has it. It’s that feeling that there’s too much stuff out there, that some time in the near future that we’re going to stop talking, that the kids are going to shit. I don’t disagree with any of it really (well except that we’re going to stop having human contact, that argument is stupid). George Packer had a good one last week where he wondered how it was all effecting us. I wonder that too sometimes. But in the end, instead of worrying about it, I just admit to myself that I really like it.

All of that is a long preamble to this quote from a piece titled “In Praise of High-Speed Overload over at The Awl:

A friend told me that there is a “Slow Media” movement brewing out there, somewhere or other. The Internet confirms. NO. I only want food to go slow! The growing advance of knowledge, the tantalizing proximity of answers to all our questions, the new ability to share and synthesize our knowledge, almost instantly–we’re so lucky to be experiencing all this. If the price is more anxiety, then let me wind up like the Tasmanian Devil, just a blur of anxiety. Of unbelieveably knowledgeable, totally undeceived anxiety. So what if the Internet has turned each day into a panic-ridden informational hot-dog-eating contest? So what if with the incomparable gift of access to limitless knowledge comes also a little melancholy, and anxiety that waxes sometimes into an Ernest-Beckerish sense of impending doom?

February 8, 2010