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Seeing the Internet

I really loved this article about the many ways people visualize the internet. It brought me back to great scenes in movies like Hackers, where the internet is this totally ridiculous looking thing. The author attempts to explain the phenomena:

The problem isn’t really that we don’t know what the Internet looks like. It’s that what it looks like is so horribly ugly: not a glistening Tootsie Roll pop, not an open freeway, not a shimmering clear pool of chlorinated water nor a siren-littered sea, not even a chiseled movie star, but giant, hulking factories dotting the landscape of the Pacific Northwest and the Eastern Seaboard, covering old landfills, sprawling, like dozens of Costcos smashed together, stacked with metal and diesel generators and powerful cooling systems, crossed by power lines that deliver 2 percent of the world’s energy to the so-called cloud, where your tax returns and credit card statements cross paths with Medicare files and corporate budgets and your old love letters and the photos of Jennifer Aniston’s newest boyfriend.

While reading I got so inspired I decided to set up a little site to catalog all the great ways the web gets visualized. So, with no further ado, I present Gallery Interweb. If you’d like to add your favorite, you can do that to (thank you Tumblr submit functionality). Excellent. Let the fun begin.

February 6, 2010