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April, 2010

Bodega List

A project attempting to create webpages for every bodega in New York City using a tool to identify them.
If you live in New York City you spend a fair amount of time in bodegas. Whether it's picking up a breakfast sandwich at 9am or some toilet paper at 2am, they are a staple of life in the city. A site called Bodega List (via Bobulate) is trying to make a webpage for every bodega in the city (that's quite an undertaking when you figure there is at least one bodega every three blocks or so). What might be most interesting, though, is the method being used to identify and create the pages. Rather than doing it by hand, the site's creator, Jeff Sisson, has created a tool called, creatively, Is This a Bodega?. The tool serves up a Google Street View image with three response options: This is a bodega, this isn't a bodega and I'm not sure (the listings come from off-premise liquor license listings on the New York State Liquor Authority website). All in all, it seems pretty rad and on top of that it spits out some cool images.
April 6, 2010
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