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April, 2010

Lighter Fare

A collection of lighthearted and amusing content for a Saturday morning.
Some fun for your Saturday morning:
  1. College Humor gets into the head of all those video game bosses who are forced to constantly watch their minions get defeated by a single guy with terrible weapons.
  2. In case you forgot we live in a pretty amazing time, here's your reminder: Aimee Mann calls out Ice T for bad acting on Twitter, to which Ice T replies in a manner only he could pull off. (It's possible you will find Ice T's response offensive ... Not really sure why, but I guess it's possible, so consider yourself warned.) Try to imagine it's ten years ago and someone tells you that Aimee Mann is going to call out Ice T for bad acting on some crazy website where people only talk in 140 characters. Imagine that!
  3. Let the anti-infographic movement begin. [Via Waxy]
April 10, 2010
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