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May, 2010

Bodega Nutrition

Efforts to improve nutrition options at bodegas in New York City.
A few weeks ago I was telling someone about the Bodega food pyramid video from a few years ago by the Internets Celebrities. The gist, more or less, is that the food options at your average bodega (corner stores in urban neighborhoods) leave much to be desired. Apparently New York City is addressing this problem with the Healthy Bodegas Initiative which was covered by the Daily News last week. The program, which is currently on at 1,000 bodegas around the city, aims to provide both financial incentives and marketing assistance to bodegas that agree to carry more healthy options:
Bodegas are encouraged to apply for permits allowing them to sell fresh produce on the sidewalk in front of the store to increase the space afforded to fresh produce, and to include healthier foods into their deli and grab-and-go sections. The Healthy Bodegas Initiative also helps stores promote and advertise their healthier items to customers through in-store displays, improved storage and shelving, promotional materials, and window advertisements.
This is the sort of program I'm happy to see my tax dollars go to.
May 12, 2010
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