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May, 2010

Contact Thanks

A thank you for an email and instructions for using a form on a website.


For the email.

Email address
Step 2: Enter the email address below to send the form to: */ $my_email = "nb@noahbrier.com"; /* Enter the continue link to offer the user after the form is sent. If you do not change this, your visitor will be given a continue link to your homepage: If you do change it, remove the "/" symbol below and replace with the name of the page to link to, eg: "mypage.htm" or "http://www.elsewhere.com/page.htm" */ $continue = "https://www.noahbrier.com/contact-thanks.php"; /* Step 3: Save this file (FormToEmail.php) and upload it together with your webpage to your webspace. IMPORTANT - The file name is case sensitive! You must save it exactly as it is named above! Do not put this script in your cgi-bin directory (folder) it may not work from there. THAT'S IT, FINISHED! You do not need to make any changes below this line. */ // This line prevents values being entered in a URL if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] != "POST"){exit;} // ADDED if($_POST['Spam'] != 'eyeball') { echo '


You didn\'t pass the spam test.

If you\'re not a robot, I apologize, please hit the back button and try again. If you are a robot, get out of here and find someone else to spam . . . Please.

'; include('/home/noahbrier/web/public/includes/php/footer.php'); exit;} // Check referrer is from same site. // if(!(isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) && !empty($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) && stristr($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'],$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']))){print "Please enable referrer logging to use this contact form. Your message was not sent."; exit;} // Describe function to check for new lines. function new_line_check($a) { if(preg_match('`[\r\n]`',$a)){header("location: $_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]");exit;} } new_line_check($_POST['Name']); // Check for disallowed characters in the Name and Email fields. $disallowed_name = array(':',';','"','=','(',')','{','}','@'); foreach($disallowed_name as $value) { if(stristr($_POST['Name'],$value)){header("location: $_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]");exit;} } new_line_check($_POST['Email']); $disallowed_email = array(':',';',"'",'"','=','(',')','{','}'); foreach($disallowed_email as $value) { if(stristr($_POST['Email'],$value)){header("location: $_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]");exit;} } $message = ""; // This line prevents a blank form being sent, and builds the message. foreach($_POST as $key => $value){if(!(empty($value))){$set=1;}$message = $message . "$key: $value\n\n";} if($set!==1){header("location: $_SERVER[HTTP_REFERER]");exit;} $message = $message . "-- \nThank you for using FormToEmail from http://FormToEmail.com"; $message = stripslashes($message); $subject = "Message from NoahBrier.com"; $headers = "From: " . $_POST['Email'] . "\n" . "Return-Path: " . $_POST['Email'] . "\n" . "Reply-To: " . $_POST['Email'] . "\n"; mail($my_email,$subject,$message,$headers); ?>

May 8, 2010
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