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Plain by Default

I hate to make my first post in awhile be totally random and ridiculous, but I can’t help myself. Apparently an English professor got tossed from Starbucks for refusing to order a bagel without cream cheese. That’s right, when she refused to say “without butter or cheese” she was “forcibly ejected.”

This just happens to be a pet peeve of mine as well. Without even going in to how ridiculous the whole Starbucks lexicon is, when ordering coffee or a bagel at any establishment the default should be additive free. That means when you order a coffee it should come without milk or sugar unless you specify and when you order a bagel it should come without cream cheese and untoasted. It really does drive me insane when I take a first sip of coffee and it’s all sweet when I asked for just coffee. I’ve also gotten in to an argument at Starbucks with a “friendly” barrista who insisted that I had to order my coffee not sweet if I wanted it that way. When I told him that was not the case at any other Starbucks I had ever been to, he insisted I was wrong.

August 17, 2010