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April, 2011

Mastering Data

Dealing with information overload and the value of connections in online content.
Quite humbled to be included in Navneet Alang's piece on what he calls Masters of Data. As part of the piece I was asked how I deal with the information onslaught:
"How I personally handle the glut, is that I just don't worry about it, you know?" Brier says over the phone from New York. "My approach to consuming online content has been to not worry about missing stuff. I trust the network."

"I think the most important thing [about information online] isn't any specific piece of content or information, but the architecture and networks, the idea that connections are where the real value is," Brier says. "It's connecting two things that don't necessarily go together or didn't seem like they went together. That's the lesson learned from the web."
Not sure I deserve to be called a master at this, as there are many others I turn to on a daily basis to act as signals. But I guess that's true for everyone, we all have our sources and they have their sources. It's turtles all the way down.
April 12, 2011
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