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December, 2012

Where we come from this is small talk

A missing Muppet Christmas moment.
My sister sent me this link to the ten best Muppet Christmas moments and it was conspicuously missing my all-time favorite Muppet moment from A Muppet Family Christmas. All the Muppets turn up at Fozzie's mom's house for Christmas even though Doc (from Fraggle Rock) was renting it as a quiet escape. As Bert and Ernie come in this conversation happens between the three of them:
Ernie: Oh, hi there, we're Ernie and Bert. Doc: Well, hi there yourself, I'm Doc. Bert: Oh, did you know that Doc starts with the letter D? Doc: Why, yes. Ernie: Yes! Yes, starts with the letter Y. Doc: True. Ernie: And true starts with the letter T. Doc: What is this? Bert: Where we come from this is small talk.
That line gets me every time.
December 19, 2012
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