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January, 2013 Posts

It's All Robots
January 01, 2013
Kevin Kelly's article explores the impact of robots on the job market and our ability to invent new roles as automation takes over old tasks.
January 03, 2013
Exploring the concept of 'blesh' and its similarity to scenius.
January 03, 2013
The story about Obama and Emanuel trying to make fewer decisions.
Limited Willpower
January 03, 2013
Our ability to make decisions is a finite resource that affects self-control and decision-making.
A little extra context
January 04, 2013
Insight into Tarantino's long-form writing and its impact on his filmmaking.
Top Longform of 2012
January 04, 2013
A list of the top longform writing of 2012.
Context, Identity and the New UC Logo
January 06, 2013
An analysis of the controversy surrounding the University of California's new identity system and the role of context in design and branding.
Idiots & Taking the Long View
January 07, 2013
Daniel Mendelsohn discusses the cultural critic's role in the age of technology and the enduring significance of Marshall McLuhan's individual-focused perspective.
Making It
January 08, 2013
An anecdote from the co-founder of Flickr about knowing when they had 'made it'.
January 09, 2013
Exploring the significance and evolution of note-taking systems.
A Coffee Drought?
January 09, 2013
A humorous take on the possibility of a future coffee drought.
Jacobs v. Moses
January 10, 2013
A review on the relationship between Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses as urban planners.
The Consequences of Time
January 10, 2013
The social consequences of the clock's invention and its impact on technology.
The Science of Trolls
January 12, 2013
The impact of negative online comments on public perception of science.
Nespresso vs. Espresso
January 13, 2013
A blind coffee taste test of hand-made espresso versus Nespresso machine raises questions about the future of artisan coffee.
Aaron Swartz and the historical context of hacking
January 16, 2013
The historical context of hacking and cultural activism, inspired by Aaron Swartz's story.
Unintended Consequences
January 16, 2013
A man's house becomes a default GPS coordinate for lost Sprint phones, leading people to demand their phones back.
The drunk driving/gun connection
January 21, 2013
A comparison between the fight against drunk driving and efforts to regulate guns.
Shifting headlines & ever-wasserism
January 23, 2013
The evolution of web headlines and their changing nature.
The historical context of Smells Like Teen Spirit
January 23, 2013
The historical significance of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit.
Speakeasy Community Management Conference
January 24, 2013
An invite-only event for community managers in NYC with great speakers.
Experimenting on Input & Output
January 27, 2013
The magic of experimenting with new technology and API outputs, as seen with Vinepeek.
Long Data
January 29, 2013
The significance of big data and the concept of 'long data'.
Seeping Media
January 30, 2013
A discussion of McLuhan's approach to media theorizing in the context of new media.
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