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December, 2014 Posts

Thoughts on India
December 01, 2014
Observations and insights from a trip to India.
Why was the Paypal mafia so successful?
December 02, 2014
The success of the Paypal mafia attributed to its tough yet achievable environment.
The Knowledge, Cabbies, and Nostalgia
December 03, 2014
The struggle between nostalgia and technology, illustrated by the conflict between London cabbies and Uber.
P&G's Strategy Algorithm
December 04, 2014
P&G CEO A.G. Lafley's five-question strategy for major decisions.
Percolate Product Video
December 05, 2014
Sharing the new product video from Percolate after two weeks of blogging.
The Link Between Brand and Utility
December 08, 2014
The relationship between brand and utility and the importance of attention to detail in product design.
Tech plus Culture
December 09, 2014
A comparison of Google and Facebook's approach to addressing global internet access.
Planning For Your Next Hire
December 10, 2014
The challenges of maintaining employee engagement and education during rapid company growth.
The Link Between Brand Management and Product Mangement
December 11, 2014
The connection between product management and brand management in technology companies.
December 12, 2014
Kevin Kelly's concept of 'protopian' and the realistic optimism it represents.
How We Organize: Brain vs Society
December 15, 2014
A comparison of centralized brain and decentralized society models of organization.
Creativity Requires Networks
December 16, 2014
Creativity is co-created within networks of recognition and appreciation.
Building Products
December 17, 2014
How to build great products by focusing on intuition and understanding users.
Building Products
December 17, 2014
How to build great products by focusing on intuition and understanding users.
Thinking About Strategy (Part 1): What is Strategy?
December 18, 2014
Exploring the definition and tools of strategy in marketing.
First Mentions
December 19, 2014
Exploring the first mentions of marketing terms in the New York Times archives.
Unanticipated Effects
December 22, 2014
The printing press had unanticipated effects, leading to a surge in demand for spectacles and contributing to the scientific revolution.
Is it or isn't it?
December 23, 2014
Different perspectives on the impact of technology on society and the workforce.
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