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January, 2016 Posts

Some of my favorite reads of 2015
January 01, 2016
A curated list of the author's favorite reads from 2015.
The Economics of Basketball Fads
January 02, 2016
Exploring the intersection of basketball, economics, and fads.
Why It Seems Like Everyone is Doing that Thing
January 03, 2016
Exploring the illusion of everyone doing the same thing created by networks.
Testing Something
January 04, 2016
Testing something.
Trolley Dodgers
January 05, 2016
The origin of the name 'Trolley Dodgers' for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Subway Uncertainty vs Coconut Uncertainty
January 06, 2016
Different kinds of uncertainty and the efficacy of simple versus complex forecasting models.
Transparency and The Executive Review
January 08, 2016
A call for transparency and ditching executive reviews in organizations.
Normalization of Deviance & The Growing Organization
January 11, 2016
The concept of social normalization of deviance and its impact on organizations.
Climbing Rocks
January 13, 2016
A profile of a talented young climber and the intricacies of climbing routes.
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