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Remainders: From Parking Garages to Political Contributions
November 12, 2018
A collection of book reviews, TILs, and interesting reads, including thoughts on universal basic income, AI, and the Player's Tribune.
Conway's Law [Framework of the Day]
October 09, 2018
Conway's Law explores the connection between organizational structure and system design, providing insight into the impact of company architecture on innovation and offering potential strategies for handling mirrored product design.
Parable of Two Watchmakers [Framework of the Day]
September 18, 2018
Exploring Herbert Simon's Parable of Two Watchmakers and its application to complex systems and business
Subway Uncertainty vs Coconut Uncertainty
January 06, 2016
Different kinds of uncertainty and the efficacy of simple versus complex forecasting models.
Simple, Complicated, Complex
January 08, 2015
Exploring the concepts of simple, complicated, and complex systems.
An Algorithm for the Economy
November 20, 2014
Exploring the algorithm for how technology forms the economy.
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