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Critiquing the Stanford Prison Experiment (and Research In General)
November 03, 2013
A critique of the flawed nature of the Stanford Prison Experiment and research in general.
Limited Willpower
January 03, 2013
Our ability to make decisions is a finite resource that affects self-control and decision-making.
Focus on the road not the wall
September 24, 2012
Ben Horowitz's advice for CEOs to focus on the road, not the wall.
Muppet Typing
June 12, 2012
The theory of Muppet typing as a psychological advance.
Bad Psychology
January 09, 2012
People are better at predicting others' behavior than their own, due to overlooking the influence of circumstances.
January 09, 2012
Clive Thompson's unexpected take on Instagram and its impact on photography and memory.
What Separates Psychology and Economics
November 09, 2011
The distinction between psychology and economics as related to Daniel Kahneman's discoveries.
The King of Human Error
November 08, 2011
Michael Lewis profiles Daniel Kahneman, one of the fathers of behavioral economics, and his new book.
Ear canal design blamed for fingernail blackboard excrutiation
November 01, 2011
The human ear canal's shape causes the reaction to fingernails on a chalkboard, with a powerful psychological component identified in research.
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