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Athletes: They're Just Like Us
July 23, 2018
Athletes deserve empathy despite their wealth and fame.
Remainders: From Rubber Rooms to Reply All
May 17, 2018
A collection of interesting links and reads from the week.
Trolley Dodgers
January 05, 2016
The origin of the name 'Trolley Dodgers' for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
The Economics of Basketball Fads
January 02, 2016
Exploring the intersection of basketball, economics, and fads.
Basketball versus Business
January 06, 2015
Ownership in sports compared to business and technology.
Responsive Systems
November 21, 2014
Eye Test vs. Math Test
January 09, 2014
The battle between the eye-test and math-test in sports.
Describing the Past & Present
August 03, 2013
The challenge of describing something happening in the past and present.
Diving Chess
December 26, 2012
A strange chess variant played in a swimming pool with players submerging themselves underwater during their turns.
The Sports Disaster Plan
December 17, 2012
The NBA's contingency plan in case of a team losing all its players to a horrific accident.
The Value of Shots
November 26, 2012
The NBA's exploration of the value of shots and advanced metrics.
Williams x 2
September 13, 2012
Brian Phillips’ observation about the impact of the Williams sisters on tennis.
Clutch Free Throws
June 19, 2012
Debunking the myth of 'clutch' free throw shooting in the NBA finals.
Sporting Stuff
May 27, 2012
A collection of interesting sports-related tidbits and quotes.
Baby Platypus
May 16, 2012
NBA player JaVale McGee's prank involving a pet platypus and the media's response.
The Bigger Picture
March 18, 2012
Putting the football incident in a broader context.
Reflecting on Penn State
November 13, 2011
Reflections on the abuse and cover-up at Penn State.
What Makes a Good (Sports) Manager?
November 06, 2011
The unique challenges and longevity of Sir Alex Ferguson's tenure as manager of Manchester United.
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