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Making It
January 08, 2013
An anecdote from the co-founder of Flickr about knowing when they had 'made it'.
Wither Widget
June 13, 2012
Reflecting on the unfulfilled potential of widgets in the tech industry.
1.5 Years of Percolate
May 24, 2012
Reflections on 1.5 years of building a company, including the importance of milestones, co-founders, and active management.
What to Outsource
April 23, 2012
The debate on whether to outsource PR early in a company's life.
Agencies + Startups?
March 06, 2012
Rei Inamoto's take on the need for agencies to emulate startups.
What Went Wrong
January 28, 2012
Real stories from entrepreneurs about the failures of their startups.
Building a Business
December 16, 2011
Reflections on the challenges and successes of building a business over the past year, including product development, branding, and securing funding.
Startup Ducks Immigration Law With 'Googleplex of the Sea' | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com
December 14, 2011
A startup is bypassing immigration law by creating a floating village in international waters.
The Problem with Minimum Viable Product
November 06, 2011
The problem with minimum viable product and the importance of focusing on building a company, not just a product.
Web Start-Ups Hit Cash Crunch - WSJ.com
October 12, 2011
The looming cash crunch for web start-ups
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