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December, 2004

Best Man Decathalon

My good friend Jimmy has gotten engaged (congratulations) and he needs to pick a best man. He's narrowed down his groomsmen to three fine choices (with yours truly included), however, he can't decide who should be his best man. As a possible solution, I suggested we have a best man competition, with events, points and everything else that comes along with it. This idea then turned into a decathalon and we began to talk about some event possibilities. We can't come up with everything, however, so we're going to open up the voting to the world. So if you've got any ideas just leave them in the comments section or, if you really want to, email me at nb@noahbrier.com. (After we come up with a list we're going to do some voting.)

Here are some possible event ideas we came up with:

Video games
Floor excercise (ala Old School)
Potato sack race (thanks for that one Kim)
We need at least ten, so start thinking.

Let the competition begin.

December 27, 2004
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