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December, 2004 Posts

Educational Change
December 05, 2004
Computer Crash
December 07, 2004
Election Reflections
December 08, 2004
New Job
December 13, 2004
Still Here
December 15, 2004
The Non-Apple Apple Ad
December 16, 2004
An Open Letter to Pickles
December 19, 2004
del.icio.us Thoughts
December 21, 2004
Blog Stress
December 22, 2004
Best Marketing Practices
December 22, 2004
Pulp Xmas Video Mashup
December 23, 2004
Best Man Decathalon
December 27, 2004
Wiki Publishing
December 27, 2004
Barebones Mac on Its Way?
December 29, 2004
New Years Best Wishes
December 31, 2004
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