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December, 2004

Request for My RSS Readers

For those of you that read my web page via RSS and actually, anyone who knows what RSS is, I have two questions.

1. Would you mind if I switched my feed to Feedburner? Would it bug you to have to change the feed address in your aggregator? Would you stay subscribed? I would still post on the regular feeds as well, it's just I'm really curious about just how many RSS subscribers I have (all I know is that there are eight on Bloglines).

2. What do people think of the pulldown menu on the RSS feed button on the right side of the page? Is it worthwhile? Has anyone actually used it? I'm thinking of getting rid of it, but can't decide. A little feedback would be great. If you could leave a comment or email me at nb@noahbrier.com, I'd appreciate.

Please at least one person leave a comment on this, I hate to beg, but this post will be pretty sad if it's left naked in the comments section. Thanks!

December 21, 2004
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