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December, 2004

Blogging No Longer a Trend

I have a rule in life and that is: once the New York Times covers a trend it is officially no longer a trend. The newspaper rarely takes chances and once its written about something it's officially at least six months old and is on the verge of tipping to the mainstream.

Well, in the New York Times Magazine "Year in Ideas: A to Z," blogs as a marketing tool can be found under B. In an article titled "The Blogo Ad," the author, Seth Stevenson writes:

From a marketing perspective, blogs make perfect sense. They are cheap to produce, immersive and interactive. It's easy to measure their readership and response rates. For small companies, blogs are a quick and dirty promotional tool that cuts out the middleman; for big companies, blogs are a tool of humanization -- an informal, chatty, down-to-earth voice amid the din of bland corporate-speak.
I agree. Blogs provide an honest change to the form-written press release so common from huge companies.

In the future if anyone asks me why we have to get into blogs now, instead of six months from now, my answer will be a link to this article. I've been running into articles all over the place lately about blogs and RSS and I have little doubt that we will see this tip in the next four months. I guess we'll all have to watch and see, but if there was any question that blogs in the corporate world will be big, I think The New York Times has answered them.

December 12, 2004
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