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December, 2004

New Job

Today was my first day at my new job. I am now a writer at Renegade Marketing Group (go check out the website, it's very cool). It was exciting to be doing something with myself again, after my month vacation from American Demographics.

I came upon Renegade first when I interviewed Drew Neisser, the president and CEO for my June article "Buzz Giant Poster Boy". Drew is quoted throughout the article, but my personal favorite quote is when he differentiated "truths" and "trends." "'Trends come and go,' he says, 'truths survive. Trends can provide color. Truths, substance.'"

After my time at American Demographics ended I contacted Drew about possible opportunities at Renegade and after a two-hour interview with at least 15 different people, I was offered a job. I'm incredibly excited to be working at a hip and forward thinking company and I must admit that the idea of doing something completely different sounds like fun.

Renegade also has a blog called Saw a Good Idea. Go check it out, it's got some very cool stuff (I hope to be contributing to it at some point). Anyhow, to everyone that helped me out throughout the entire job process, I appreciate it very much.

This blog became a very important piece of my job hunt. Not only was it a place to send potential employers to get an idea of my writing in a more unfilitered way, but it also showcased my ideas and thinking. I'm very glad I had a site like this to send people to. So thank you, NoahBrier.com.

December 13, 2004
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