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December, 2004

Pet Peeve: Buy a Domain Name!

I was reading Wired this morning and I ran across a promotion between HBO Video and F.Y.E. The link to the promotion was deep within the Conde Nast site (http://www.condenet.com/promo/hbo). With the prices of domains today, is there any excuse for promoting a domain that is any more than one level deep? Come on HBO, I just looked it up and you could have purchase HBOatFYE.com and made everyone happy. It only costs $7 or $8 for a year nowadays, isn't that worth it? It's not that difficult to point a domain to a site you already created and it doesn't take that much time to register it, so what's the excuse?

Don't be stupid, buy a domain name!

December 3, 2004
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