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Still Here


(everyone else should too).

As you guys may or may not have guessed, I’ve been pretty busy lately. The whole starting a new job thing has taken up most of my time. I apologize for the lack of posts, but those regular visitors (all five of you) will notice that my new bookmarks on the right side of the screen have not slowed, so not all is lost. For those of you that read the site via RSS, can I suggest that you subscribe to my del.icio.us feed? That’s what I run my bookmarks through and you will be updated every time I add a new link (many of which are funny and/or strange). The link for the RSS feed is: http://del.icio.us/rss/nrb210, so go subscribe now.

My second piece of business is a call for comments. I have been thinking a lot about social networking sites after this weekend. You see, I was down in Washington DC visiting my sister at The George Washington University when she informed me that in a survey of students, iPod was the number two used piece of technology (correct me if I’m wrong Leah — and also provide me a link or forward me the email about that if possible). Guess what number one was? TheFaceBook was.

Essentially TheFaceBook takes Friendster and puts it on a more local level, connecting students at the same college to each other. In fact, you can only sign up if you have a .edu email address. I’ve known about this for a while (and been signed up since May or so), but I didn’t realize just how popular it was and I want to understand more.

That’s where you readers come in. Tell me how you use the facebook (that means you Leah — send this address to your friends and have them tell me too). I’d love it if you’d leave it in the comments but if you don’t feel comfortable with that just email me at nb@noahbrier.com. Tell me anything about it. Tell me how it works. Why you use it. How much you use it. What you like. What you don’t like. Who you do or don’t talk to. What color your socks are when you add friends. Anything at all. Help me out with this please, I really want to write about this but need some more firsthand knowledge. Thanks!

Just a warning, when you submit a comment it will say “CGI Error,” however, the comment has gone through. Sorry about that, I’m working on the problem.

December 15, 2004