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July, 2005

Homepage Redesign Reasons

Yeah, so I've been pretty quiet lately. But I like to think I have had good reason. Beyond being busy with work, I've been working on a slight, yet important, homepage redesign. For those of you looking at the page now you'll notice I got rid of the links on the right side and have changed the look slightly. (For those of you not looking at the main page, why don't you give it a shot?) Well, this redesign was about more than just making things look different, this was all about links.

What I have done (and will be doing from here on out) is pulling all my links off my del.icio.us and posting including each link on this blog. The reasoning behind this is threefold:

1. Comments: Some people have asked me if I could let them comment on my links. Since some of my entries tend to be kind of dense, this should be a way to engage people and create a forum on entirely new topics.

2. Search: Now all my comments are completely searchable via my regular search bar. That means you don't ever have to leave NoahBrier.com to find a link you clicked to from here. I think this is pretty damn cool.

3. Descriptions: Because I'm running everything through my own servers and posting links right inline with entries, it means I can easily include descriptions of links, therefore making them more valuable. By including descriptions, my links have become real content, deserving of premium space. This has been a goal for a long time, but I only recently figured out a way to do it (which I have explained in this post).

4. Tags: I try to tag everything I link to. I think the links help add context and are a good way to organize my tags. I've spoken about tags before, but finding a way to incorporate my link tags into my own site (by making each tag it's own archive), should make finding new and interesting links easier than ever for you, the reader.

So that's it, for those of you that want the technical explanation for how I am including del.icio.us links inline on my Movable Type (MT) weblog, read my entry titled Including del.icio.us Inline on MT. I have more to say about the reasoning behind this, especially relating to this Kottke.org entry on the fundamental unit of the web, but I will write it when I'm less tired.


Update (7/15/05): Until further notice (read: when I fix this problem of rebuilding 2,800 entries) commenting on links won't be enabled. Sorry

July 14, 2005
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