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July, 2005

Morning Thoughts

I've been too lazy to write anything of serious substance lately (which can be seen as a good or a bad thing, depending on who you talk to). I did, however, have a few quick thoughts this morning that I thought maybe I could use in place of a full-on entry (and who's to judge what a "full-on entry" is anyway). So here are some of the things I thought about this morning, consider it a look into the somewhat strange mind of me.

1. DVDs cost less than CDs. Not sure why this never occurred to me until now but it seems like a pretty big deal. What's up with that?

2. If you leave your RSS aggregator alone for a day or two a whole lot of shit piles up. It becomes nearly unruly which would be discouraging if not for . . .

3. Bloglines' best interface design feature is that the default action is to not save entries from any given feed. I've tried other aggregators where you have to explicitly tell the thing you read that entry and it can be erased. On Bloglines you have to make an effort to save something. This is a huge distinction and I expect will become the status quo as RSS goes more mainstream.

4. McDonald's smells delicious.

5. Black iced coffee tastes delicious.

July 13, 2005
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