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October, 2009

Build Fast, Market Hard

Exploring the benefits of fast development and hard marketing through the example of a company building iPhone apps in 48 hours.
Interesting post over at Influx Insights about a company that's gone to building iPhone apps in 48 hours. It hits on two big points I've been throwing around in my head for a few months now: First, couldn't you keep down costs and fail faster if you gave yourself an artificial deadline? This recognizes that we're not launching final products after the first iteration, but rather prototypes with which we can judge whether there's a "there, there." Second, they mention that they actually spent more time working on the promotional video than the app itself. Marketing is incredibly underutilized in the tech world to this day. You can still create a ton of value for yourself by just creating a fancy-looking video. For all the talk about "product as marketing," there still seems to be a ton of value in "marketing as marketing."
October 6, 2009
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