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October, 2009 Posts

What Free Market?
October 06, 2009
A look at the hypocrisy of those who claim to uphold free market values.
Build Fast, Market Hard
October 06, 2009
Exploring the benefits of fast development and hard marketing through the example of a company building iPhone apps in 48 hours.
Three-Cent Piece
October 06, 2009
A young economist proposes a more efficient coin system, including a three-cent piece.
The Peculiarities of the Movie Business
October 08, 2009
An exploration of the unique economics of the film industry, where production cost does not affect consumer price.
Marketing Immunity?
October 09, 2009
A discussion on the effectiveness of marketing and immunity to advertising messages.
The Lost Art of Editing
October 09, 2009
A call for the return of concise and impactful storytelling in films, books, and news articles.
Off to Paris
October 10, 2009
Three Recommendations
October 26, 2009
Three recommendations for a book and two movies after a vacation.
October 27, 2009
Pan vs. Epi(demic)
October 27, 2009
Clarification on the terms 'epidemic' and 'pandemic'.
More Desire Paths
October 27, 2009
Designers can learn from the 'desire lines' users create in systems.
Smiling Language?
October 28, 2009
An exploration of the potential relationship between language and mood.
Baseball Prisoner's Dilemma
October 28, 2009
A hypothetical scenario exploring the concept of a 'baseball prisoner's dilemma' for Red Sox and Yankees fans.
Tweemail: Twitter to Email
October 29, 2009
A script to send emails from specific Twitter users, separating signal from noise.
A Lack of Blu-ray
October 30, 2009
Apple's decision to ignore Blu-ray in favor of iTunes Store for HD movies.
Stinky Tofu
October 31, 2009
Richard Holbrooke, Special Representative to Afghanistan/Pakistan
October 31, 2009
A profile of Richard Holbrooke, special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and his method of 'democratic centralism'.
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